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Erica Victoria

Since the age of 14, I’ve been working in the fashion industry. I began modeling for Hip Hop brands like Meoshe, Rock-A-Wear, Karl Kani, Mitchell & Ness and others.

Along with music, print, runway and fashion modeling in trade shows, including the

Los Angeles Black Business Expo, the second largest African American focused consumer show in the country. Runway was my thing growing up, but designing was a gift I couldn't ignore. Being well rounded in the industry, I designed unique pieces reflecting the styles and vibes of the city.  Designs reflecting my lifestyle. 

As a Los Angeles native, I grew up with a strong love for my city, the world of fashion and design. As I evolved, my interest in what went on behind the scenes grew. My interest peaked in the people and the magic that was being made to create visuals that appealed to the masses.

I created my own platform and in 2009 the world was introduced to Scorpioluvv. I built up a following and in that, multiple opportunities were formed. A young, 'brown n' proud' entrepreneur from the city. Expressing my life through my style.  I am a wardrobe stylist, personal shopper, designer & brand architect.  

Fashion is what I love, and style is what I breathe. 


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