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Cold shower VS. Hot shower and the benefits.

When should I change the temperature?


Doctors recommend heat or cold therapy for people with muscle or bone injuries. However, it is not yet clear whether or not a cold or hot shower has the same benefits as applying an ice or heating pad.

If you experience arthritis you may enjoy hot showers in the morning because it helps you charge and start your day. Cold showers are beneficial for injuries accompanied by inflammation.

Take a hot shower to improve sleep, a 2019 study found that the best time to take a shower or bath was 1 - 2 hours before sleeping. This will definitely help you sleep better.

(people with eczema and other rashes should avoid hot showers altogether, as these can further dry out the skin.)


Long baths or showers that are too cold or too hot could excessively lower or raise a person’s body temperature.

If a person’s body temperature drops below 89.96°F (32.2°C), a person may experience:

  • a decreased breathing rate

  • a drop in blood pressure

  • heartbeat irregularities

  • decreased consciousness

(Avoid taking extremely cold or extremely hot showers, as it could be harmful to your health)


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