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Updated: Apr 20, 2020

Fringe, sequins & color OH MY!!!

So, I know people like to follow "fashion rules" and stay on "trend", but what fun is that?

Fashion is meant for risks. It's fun. You can be anything.


Break out of those boxes and LIVE BABY! Be happy & be YOU.

Put on those fab snake embossed trousers whenever you feel like it, wear that royal blue gingham print blazer when you mean business. Show the world who you are and say it without apologies.

I never worry about who gives approval or likes the fits I choose to wear.

If I like it, I wear it. ⚡️ I stay true to myself and focus on my own path.

Check out what inspires me...


Top Left: Paco Rabanne spring 2018, Balmain winter 2015, retrofête sequins dress, Rhinestone tassel Denim Shorts, tassle dress, gold dress, silver trouser pants, butterfly tie unknown, mesh pearl long sleeve, denim unknown, SalvatoreFerragamo dress, embossed trousers, lime fit (photos are not mine)


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