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Updated: Apr 19, 2020

This subject is one of my absolute favorites! I love nail fun. This is another way to express yourself with a closed mouth. I describe it as "Getting LOUD on the low" ⚡️

I remember being in the nail shop ALL the time growing up.

My mom was young and on top of her sh*t and from the city, so the nail shop was a regular thing. Fresh nails was and still is apart of the culture.

I remember sitting and watching every move the nail tech made. This was the coolest thing ever and I couldn't wait for it to be my turn. I think I got my first full set when I was 15.

That was definitely a turning point for me.


we're on lockdown right now and every single nail shop is closed, which I still can't believe. But when "outside" opens back up, the nail shop is my first stop! LOL

Till then, stay home and love on yourself ✨and get inspired.

(I do not own these photos)




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